Hemorrhoids-Home-Remedy.com is Now Part of Venapro

Venapro acquired natural hemorrhoid treatment blog Hemorrhoids-Home-Remedy.com as part of its media distribution arm.

Venapro, a company specializing in hemorrhoid treatment using all-natural ingredients, saw that their mission was in line with Hemorrhoids Home Remedy. The acquisition of the blog will help Venapro in reaching its target market consumers. Hemorrhoids Home Remedy will also expand its research personnel from this merge, allowing it to create more content on the lookout for more natural medicine in the treatment of hemorrhoids.

Venapro and Hemorrhoids Home Remedy have a similar mission in making affordable, effective, and natural products for hemorrhoid treatment available to the wider public. This mission is due to hemorrhoids being a common medical issue for Americans. Roughly 1 in 20 Americans have hemorrhoids, which can significantly affect their day-to-day lives.

Hemorrhoids are swollen veins in the rectal area. Two types of hemorrhoids exist, internal and external hemorrhoids. Internal hemorrhoids develop inside the rectum, while external hemorrhoids affect the skin surrounding the anus. When detected early, hemorrhoids are still painless and can be treated conservatively. However, most people notice they have the condition when they experience discomfort. When hemorrhoids are detected during this time, they are usually in a more advanced stage.

Many hemorrhoid treatments are available commercially. These treatments often come in the form of suppositories and creams. Although these formats are common in treating many conditions affecting the rectal area, they are difficult to administer to patients dealing with hemorrhoids. This is because suppositories and creams require direct contact with the affected area. Depending on the inflamed region’s sensitivity, it may cause great discomfort to insert suppositories or spread cream. 

These uncomfortable treatment formats are a factor for some patients to not strictly follow treatment instructions. This can affect treatment efficacy and cause some patients do not have improved conditions. Body chemistry, lifestyle, and other existing conditions are some variables that can cause the body to be unresponsive to common hemorrhoid treatments.

On the flip side, patients who finished commercial hemorrhoid treatment based on recommended use may find that most treatments have not improved their condition. This can be caused for a variety of reasons. 

People who have exhausted hemorrhoid treatments formulated with synthetic materials can look for alternatives. Natural and herbal treatments are popular for this reason. If they’ve used everything synthetically made and it doesn’t work, trying out all-natural versions are the next step in finding something to ease their painful condition.

Venapro understands the concerns of many people suffering from hemorrhoids. Many want to avoid painful direct contact with the inflamed region, and many want to try an all-natural but effective treatment.

For these reasons, Venapro is formulated with natural ingredients such as witch hazel and St. Mary’s thistle that are proven to help with inflammation. Venapro’s gentle and all-natural formulation allows it to be used without a prescription, making it useful in preventing and managing various hemorrhoid conditions.

Venapro is sold as a treatment kit, containing an oral spray and supplement pills. The oral spray contains the active treatment for hemorrhoids. Users can use the spray when needed to help aid inflammation caused by the swollen veins. Supplement pills are also provided to improve the product’s potency, which will aid in making faster inflammation relief.

Our confidence in our all-natural treatment products led us to discover the Hemorrhoid Home Remedy blog. The blog was founded as a passion project by John Bloogs, who was frustrated with commercial synthetic hemorrhoid treatments’ inefficacy. The blog covered everything, from DIY recipes using organic ingredients to Amazon natural hemorrhoid treatments.

John’s experience echoed with the majority of our customers, so we sent him our kit to see if it was Hemorrhoid Home Remedy-approved.

It was.

Hemorrhoid Home Remedy has considered Venapro’s treatment kit one of the most effective all-natural treatments in the market. In his experience, most natural remedies sold commercially are not effective, which are wasteful for both the customer’s time and money. 

Hemorrhoid Home Remedy and Venapro have one goal: to help people use all-natural but effective hemorrhoid treatments. Because of our similar mission, it made sense for Hemorrhoid to join Venapro’s media information arm. Venapro can update readers of the blog of any new developments in the natural hemorrhoid treatment industry with the acquisition. Likewise, Hemorrhoid Home Remedy will expand its research personnel by teaming up with Venapro’s dedicated research team. This team-up will be especially useful in learning more about natural ingredients dedicated to hemorrhoid medication.

“It’s an exciting time,” says Venapro founder Michael Richards. “We’re expanding Venapro to an audience that’s interested in the same things we are. I’m happy about this partnership and excited to see where it will go.”

Venapro is available online via their official website, online retailers, and major retail markets such as Walmart.